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Read testimonials and stories of how Adam Greenman has helped many Portland citizens through their difficult situations. Then give Adam a call today for  free, confidential consultation and get the help you need.

Kelly from Baker City, OR

"Adam helped me in the most trying and emotional time of my life. He was competent and caring, not just to me but to my whole family as well. If it wasn’t for Adam’s help and attentiveness my life would still be in turmoil. Thanks so much, Adam."

Erica from Portland, OR

“After having an 11-year perfect driving record, I was pulled over for a Class A speeding ticket in Lane County. Adam Greenman explained the whole process to me and reassured me that he would do his absolute best to assist me. Without a hitch my case was dismissed, my driving record remained pristine and any increase to my insurance rates was avoided. I am beyond impressed and entirely grateful!”

Nathan from Portland, OR

“I appreciate Adam’s assistance through the past year and his willingness to guide me through the process. He resolved my case successfully and gave me the peace of mind I needed to get back into full health after my bicycle accident.”

Eric from Oregon City, OR

“Although Community Court is an experience I never want to go through again, I am very glad Mr. Greenman was there to help me through it. His experience was invaluable but his compassion for me was what meant the most!”

Judy from Milwaukie, OR

“I was very worried that I might be spending time in jail and that my criminal record would prevent me from becoming a teacher, which has been my life long dream. With Mr. Greenman’s help, my charges were reduced and I will be able to expunge my record – in plenty of time to become a teacher.”

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