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“After having an 11-year perfect driving record, I was pulled over for a Class A speeding ticket in Lane County. Adam Greenman explained the whole process to me and reassured me that he would do his absolute best to assist me. Without a hitch my case was dismissed, my driving record remained pristine and any increase to my insurance rates was avoided. I am beyond impressed and entirely grateful!”
— Erica of Oregon City, OR
“I was very worried that I might be spending time in jail and that my criminal record would prevent me from becoming a teacher, which has been my lifelong dream. With Mr. Greenman’s help, my charges were reduced and I will be able to expunge my record – in plenty of time to become a teacher.”
— Judy of Milwaukie, OR
“Although Community Court is an experience I never want to go through again, I am very glad Mr. Greenman was there to help me through it. His experience was invaluable but his compassion for me was what meant the most!”
— Eric of Oregon City, OR

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DUI Lawyer Portland OR

Need a Portland DUI Attorney?

In Oregon, you don’t have to be operating a car to receive a DUII — you can be riding a bike, driving a boat, or even a scooter!

And remember, alcohol isn’t the only thing that can impair your driving. In Oregon, controlled substances such as marijuana and prescription drugs are all considered equally serious.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUII, act quickly! The first 10 days following your DUII arrest are crucial for certain appeals.

As a trusted and experienced Portland DUI & DUII lawyer, Adam Greenman is here to help you throughout this process. He’ll answer your questions and examine the smallest details of your case to get you the best outcome.

It all starts with a free and confidential conversation.

DUI vs. DUII: What’s the Difference?

Oregon uses the acronym DUII (“driving under the influence of intoxicants”) instead of “driving under the influence” (DUI).
For simplicity, we use both “DUI” and “DUII” interchangeably on this site.


Working with a DUI Attorney: What to Expect

Our approach to your case will vary depending on factors like whether it is your first DUII offense, you’re underage, and if an underage passenger was with you.

Our Portland DUI lawyer weill get to know your situation with questions like:

  • Did you take or refuse a sobriety test? (Oregon’s implied consent laws mean anyone with a driver’s license can face license suspension for refusing to take a breathalyzer, blood, or urine test.)

  • Did you say anything, or did you invoke your right to remain silent?

  • Did police adhere to the required protocols, or did they skip a few inconvenient steps?

We’ll consider your answers and evaluate whether the state has adequate evidence against you that will hold up in court. We’ll also discuss your possible choices going forward, help you prepare for your first court date, and more.

At Adam Greenman Law, we are committed to providing personal, one-on-one attention, ensuring that you receive the undivided focus and personalized support you deserve.

At Adam Greenman Law, we are committed to providing personal, one-on-one attention, ensuring that you receive the undivided focus and personalized support you deserve.

DUI Attorney Portland OR

Meet Your Attorney

As a compassionate Portland attorney and former prosecutor, Adam Greenman understands how scary a DUII charge can feel.

Adam has worked with hundreds of Oregonians charged with driving under the influence and is here to guide you through the stressful process, and clearly communicate your options.

For more than 15 years, he has been dedicated to standing up for the underdog, defending the rights of his clients against the criminal justice system, and ensuring the best possible outcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

I was just arrested for a DUI, what happens now?

Being arrested for DUII in Oregon is stressful — especially because of the fear of the unknown. Adam Greenman is here to help. Visit our Oregon DUII Information & Oregon DUII Law FAQs page to learn what you can expect. Remember: my team is here to help you every step of the way.

Am I eligible for a DUII diversion?

To be eligible for the Oregon DUII Diversion Program, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • This is your first DUII or you haven't been convicted of a DUII felony in 15 years

  • Your driving under the influence did not harm or kill anyone

  • You are not currently going through a DUII diversion program in another state, nor have you completed one in the last 15 years

  • Over the past 15 years, you haven't been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide or driving-related murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, or assault. No charges can be pending either.

  • You didn’t have a commercial drivers license or weren’t driving a commercial vehicle at the time

Our DUI law office will help you understand whether or not you are eligible for this program.

Will my DUI case go to trial?

That depends. If this is your first DUI arrests and you meet the requirements, the Oregon Diversion Program is the best resolution for your case, with  99% of all clients in this situation choosing this option. However, if you do not qualify or you’re convinced that a jury would not convict you based on the state’s evidence, we start preparing for trial.

How much does it cost for a DUI/DUII attorney?

At Adam Greenman Law, we offer a variety of fee structures to ensure you get the legal counsel you need. If this is your first DUI/DUII, we offer a $1800 flat fee. Plus, for those who pay the full amount up front, we’ll take 10% off.

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