Pedestrian Accident Attorney Portland, OR


As a pedestrian accident attorney in Portland,  I have represented clients who were:

  • hit by cars while crossing in a crosswalk
  • harassed without reason by police
  • attacked by a neighbor’s dog
  • injured by tripping on broken sidewalk
  • assaulted by bouncers outside a nightclub

In each of these cases the facts were different, but the common thread was that my client was a pedestrian lawfully walking along public thoroughfares.

In addition, my client was:

  • severly injured and potentially facing surgery, or
  • closely related to members of the police force, or
  • familiar with the dog owner, or
  • familiar with the section of sidewalk where the injury took place.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please keep one thing in mind: Insurance companies use your reluctance and embarrassment to avoid paying you a fair settlement. That’s why you need someone who is not afraid to fight for what’s fair.


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"Mr. Greenman is an excellent attorney. I am a firm believer in his talents and abilities. I have used his services for two separate incidents which should show how much faith I have in him. His professionalism in court was exceptional. The customer service provided by his staff is flawless. Mr. Greenman always shows compassion and treats me like family. I highly recommend him and will always refer him to my peers if they are seeking legal advice."

- Tara S of Beaverton, Oregon on BirdsEye