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“Mr. Greenman is an excellent attorney. I am a firm believer in his talents and abilities. I have used his services for two separate incidents which should show how much faith I have in him. His professionalism in court was exceptional. The customer service provided by his staff is flawless. Mr. Greenman always shows compassion and treats me like family. I highly recommend him and will always refer him to my peers if they are seeking legal advice.”
— Tara
“Although Community Court is an experience I never want to go through again, I am very glad Mr. Greenman was there to help me through it. His experience was invaluable but his compassion for me was what meant the most!”
— Eric
“I was very worried that I might be spending time in jail and that my criminal record would prevent me from becoming a teacher, which has been my lifelong dream. With Mr. Greenman’s help, my charges were reduced and I will be able to expunge my record – in plenty of time to become a teacher.”
— Judy

Adam Greenman Law Criminal Defense Specialties



Adam Greenman has worked with hundreds of Oregonians charged with driving under the influence to help them achieve the best outcome.

As a trusted and experienced DUI criminal defense lawyer, Adam will guide you through this stressful process and communicate all of your options. He’ll also determine whether Oregon’s Diversion Program can help you avoid a criminal conviction.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI or DUII, contact Adam as soon as possible as certain appeals must be made within 10 days following a DUI/DUII arrest.


Assault & Theft

When facing an assault or theft charge, you need to be represented by a Portland theft or assault attorney who has:

  1. A deep understanding of the defenses available

  2. Extensive knowledge & experience of how the system works

Adam Greenman has both.

As a former Deputy District Attorney who routinely prosecuted assault & theft crimes, Adam can provide help like few others can. Regardless of the severity of your situation, Adam is on your side.


Drug and Weapons Offenses

Busted for possession? Battling an addiction to painkillers? Charged with a weapons offense?

Get the representation you need to stay out of jail.

Adam Greenman is a drug and weapons criminal defense attorney who is understanding and realistic about your specific case and the possible outcomes.

Whether you’re innocent or not, Adam is portland’s top drug and weapons offense attorney and will fight for you.



Did you know: You can be found guilty of prostitution simply for agreeing to pay for sex, even if it doesn’t happen? That’s right — you can get convicted of prostitution without ever touching the other person.

Adam Greenman is well-versed in these matters and can assist with your charge of prostitution or procurement.

Don’t wait. Adam is top prostitution attorney in Portland and a consultation is free and 100% confidential.

Criminal defense attorney Portland OR

Everyone Has Rights. Adam Greenman is Here to Protect Yours.

As a former prosecutor turned compassionate Portland attorney, Adam Greenman understands how a criminal charge can feel incredibly scary. You may be confused about what to do or concerned about what the charges mean for your future.

Adam is here to guide you through the stressful process and clearly communicate your options.

For more than 15 years, he has been committed to providing personal, one-on-one attention to client. Adam will stand up for your rights, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a criminal defense attorney do?

A Portland criminal defense lawyer will defend you against a prosecutor working for the state, a public agency, or a plaintiff. A good criminal defense attorney may even be able to get your case dismissed so you never have to set foot in court.
Your defense attorney may…

  • Assist you before you’ve even been charged with a crime

  • Aid you during pre-trial

  • Convince the court to lower or eliminate your bail

  • Recommend you plead guilty or not guilty

  • Give insight into whether you should accept a deal from the prosecution

  • Suggest a treatment program that could help reduce your sentence

With your name on the line, a criminal defense lawyer in Portland is well worth it.

What should I expect when working with Adam Greenman Law?

After you’ve been arrested, call Adam Greenman. He will explain your rights to you after you’ve been arrested, as well as your options for a plea bargain or probation. From there, he will research your case, making sure you understand your options, providing invaluable expert advice, and preparing you for courtroom procedure.

If you do have a trial, Adam will question and cross-examine witnesses, present evidence that could clear your name, and negotiate on your behalf. Because you likely lack detailed knowledge of state and federal law, and public defenders are consistently overloaded with cases, partnering with Adam as your Portland criminal defense attorney is your best choice.

What should I look for in an attorney?

Because criminal defense proceedings can be complicated, you need a highly qualified, experienced, and trustworthy lawyer. Additionally, your attorney should have excellent communication and negotiation skills in order to fight for you in court.

What other types of criminal cases can you help with?

In addition to DUI/DUII, assault & theft, drug & weapons offenses, and prostitution charges, Adam Greenman Law also brings expertise in:

  • Traffic Crimes

  • Person Crimes

  • Vice

  • Sex Crimes

  • Community Court

  • All Felonies and Misdemeanors

I think my rights were violated, what should I do?

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