Why the Right Personal Injury Attorney Can Make or Break Your Case


How do you find the right Portland personal injury lawyer? Learn how to choose the right personal injury lawyer.

Personal connection means you can trust the defense

While you don’t need to become best friends with your personal injury attorney, you do need to trust them to do the right thing. 

This level of trust makes a huge difference in your case. Chances are you’ll be confused at times during the legal process. There will be times when you don’t know what to do, what your options are, and what your expectations should be. 

If you can’t trust your attorney’s advice, you’ll constantly be wondering whether the decisions you’re making are the right decisions.

When first meeting with an attorney, take stock of your opinion of them. Are you going to feel comfortable taking their advice and trust it’s the right decision?


Make sure they have actual experience with personal injury law

A major part of being an effective personal injury lawyer is knowing the processes and checkpoints of a personal injury case. 

Many lawyers will advertise themselves as personal injury attorneys without much experience in personal injury law. Just because an attorney has experience with another type of law does not mean they can help you achieve results in a personal injury law case. 

Even if you have a friend, a strong recommendation, or even prior experience with a lawyer you trust, choose somebody with the right experience. 

Do they have actual successful trial experience?

Further, just because an attorney has experience working on personal injury cases, does not mean they have experience successfully winning cases. 

Many personal injury lawyers focus on settling a case before ever getting to trial. While settling a case is often the right move, without the threat of a trial you’ll be settling for too little. Work with an attorney with trial experience. This way, you can trust their advice to settle because it’s right for you, not because they know they won’t be successful once you’ve already gone to trial.


Do they work in the city and county you’ve been charged in? 

The minutiae of a case are often where the case is won or lost. If a lawyer has never worked in a jurisdiction, crucial aspects of your case may be overlooked. 

Talk with any attorney you’re working with to make sure they have experience in the jurisdiction the case is being tried in. Don’t be afraid to ask for references prior to signing onto the case. 

Further, make sure that your attorney is licensed to practice in the state the injury occurred in. While out-of-state attorneys can work on and settle a case outside of a state they’re licensed in, they cannot represent you in court if it ends up going to trial. 

Make sure any out-of-state attorney you work with explains this to you and offers to get you in touch with an attorney who can help if your case does go to trial.  

Make sure they have experience in your type of personal injury law

While many of the processes will be similar across the personal injury law spectrum, knowing what to look for in each case will help you get the results you’re looking for. They’ll also have experience working with similar defendants, an asset once it comes time to negotiate during settlement talks.

Certain personal injury cases require an expert in specific types of law, including:


They have the bandwidth to take on your case — the focus must be on you

Nothing sinks a personal injury case as quickly as one not getting the attention it deserves. No two personal injury cases are ever the same. When dealing with serious injuries, product or service failures, and other details of a personal injury case, full attention to the intricacies is paramount. 

They know ways to disrupt your life as little as possible 

Even if the success of your case is a virtual certainty, personal injury cases can be difficult financially. Although you likely have personal injury protection as part of your auto insurance policy, it will only pay you a maximum of 70% of your lost wages along with other restrictions,  and only $15,000 of your medicals bills. If you are going to need surgery or a long course of treatment these amounts will not be enough, and very few of us have enough money saved to these kinds of expenses.

If your attorney has good relationships with these doctors and therapists, he can work out agreements with them to provide the necessary treatment now, but hold off on billing until the case has been settled.

Find the right payment structure for your financial situation 

Any personal injury attorney worth working with should only get paid once you win your case.  

After experiencing an injury that was not even your fault, you should not have to pay anyone anything until you’ve got the money you deserve. Most reputable personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning their payment is contingent on you winning your case.

Even further, the very best attorneys will ensure that you always walk away with more cash than they do at the end of your case, even after medical expenses.  

Access to resources

If your case does make it to trial, making the best argument is going to require more than just your side of the story. Often to bolster an argument, personal injury lawyers will hire and utilize experts in a field relevant to your case. This could be a medical expert, someone familiar with a certain property, or another person considered knowledgeable in a certain topic.

Having a rolodex of experts who can help you make your argument and bolster your case is often the difference between winning and losing. Since jurors are by definition not experts, they rely heavily on the testimony from these experts when deciding where they stand in a case. 

If the experts an attorney calls seem credible, they can be compelled to believe your argument. If the experts do not seem trustworthy, it can be difficult to make the case in a compelling way.

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