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In 2012 there were over 49,000 auto accidents in the State of Oregon. While many of us are safe drivers, with so many accidents happening every day there is a good chance you or someone you love will be involved in an auto accident.

Car accidents are traumatizing, expensive, and many times dangerous. Even low-speed collisions can lead to very serious injuries. Many times these injuries can be long-lasting and have a large impact on your health and livelihood.


When you’re injured in an auto accident you will have two kinds of losses. Economic Damages and Non-Economic Damages (sometimes called “General Damages”). You will need to be compensated for both.

Economic Damages:

These are damages that have a specific dollar amount. Doctor bills, car repair, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses. Each of these has a specific price-tag attached and the value of all of them can be determined to the penny.

Non-Economic Damages:

These are harder to define, but are just as real. If you were able to sleep soundly before the accident and now you can’t lie down without pain - that’s a non-economic damage to you. It doesn’t have a specific dollar-amount attached, but you still need to be compensated for the loss. In the same way that money is taken from you when you are mugged in an alley, the carefree, pain free, active, happy life you had has also been taken from you and your family. That’s a loss you have suffered, and in some ways it’s even more important than the economic damages because it involves every minute of your life.


Insurance companies are in business to make money. They do this by spending millions of dollars in advertising to convince you to buy their policies. As long as you keep paying your premiums, they’re your “friend.” But when it comes time to make a claim, those companies are going to do everything they can to pay out as little as a possible. That goes for the at-fault driver’s insurance company as well as your own. At that point, neither of them are your “friends.”

Both are going to try and convince you that your economic damages are too high. That you didn’t need all those doctor visits, that your car wasn’t really worth that much, and when you show them the receipts, the pay stubs, and the doctor bills, they really don’t care. But that’s not the worst. At least you have the basis for an argument over the economic damages.

It’s the non-economics where you really have no chance. When the sweet sounding adjuster “wants” to give you $500 for your pain and suffering, she‘s going to make that sound like it’s a lot, like she’s doing this because she “cares.” And when you protest, she’ll tell you that’s what they give “everybody.” Maybe she’ll even think about making it $1000.

What she’s not going to tell you is that if you brought this case to a jury they would likely award you much, much more, in non-economic damages. That’s why you need an attorney.


90% of cases handled by attorneys do not go to trial. But without the help of an attorney you can’t even threaten a court action on your own, and unfortunately, in the cut-throat world of for-profit insurance companies, the ability to threaten, to challenge, to demand justice is the only way you’re going to be treated fairly. That’s what I do for my clients. And if it comes down to a fight, I take my courtroom experience and my absolute willingness to take on the corporation, and I fight for the compensation my client deserves.

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