Kinds of Accident Cases Personal Injury Attorneys Handle


If you’ve ever wondered what types of cases personal injury attorneys handle and what exactly they do, you’re not alone! This is one of the most common questions we hear as Portland personal injury attorneys.

Read on to learn…

  • What a personal injury attorney does

  • How they can help

  • The types of accidents they work on

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What is a personal injury attorney? 

The premise behind personal injury law is that you should not be held financially responsible for your injuries if they were a result of wrongdoing by another party, be that a company or another individual.

Personal injury lawyers practice a form of law called “tort law,” which covers private or civil wrongdoing. This includes defamation, breach of contract, bad faith actions, and injuries caused by accidents.  

The goal in tort law cases is to make the injured party whole. Generally, when you are the victim of an accident and are pursuing a personal injury settlement, you are going to have to pay for…

  • Medical expenses

  • Physical therapy 

  • Loss of work 

  • Legal work

  • Your time dealing with the issue

While many people think an injury could mean they hit the jackpot, this is not the goal of personal injury law. The goal is to make sure the injured party is compensated for their expenditures and loss.


Why should I work with a personal injury attorney?

Getting a fair settlement or payout is very hard without a personal injury attorney. Even harder is working your way through the process without losing your mind.

Personal injury lawyers are there just as much to help you get through the process as they are to put you in a position to get the most money possible. What will they help you do?

  • They’ll help you make the right decision regarding your medical care 

  • They know what to expect in every court they work in 

  • They’ll be working in your interest — they won’t get paid until you do so there is little risk

  • They have access to resources to help you make your case

  • They have experience working on cases like yours, so will be able to present a good argument on your behalf

What should I always expect from a personal injury attorney?

When you work with a personal injury lawyer, there are certain things you should always expect: 

  • Personal advice on navigating the process

  • Contingency payment — never pay until you’ve been awarded your settlement

  • Help to delay payment on medical expenses 

  • A license in the state the case is taking place in

  • To leave the process with more cash from your settlement than your attorney

No matter the type of accident you’ve suffered, you should always receive medical attention first if the injury is serious.

Common types of cases personal injury lawyers handle


Slip & fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents are premise liability claims wherein someone falls on someone's property. Generally, these injuries are caused by poor maintenance or mismanagement of the property, including conditions like…

  • Uneven or damaged flooring

  • Poor or non-existent lighting

  • Unmaintained driveway

  • Wet floor

  • Torn carpet 

  • Unmaintained landscaping

  • More or less anything that could cause an injury on the inside or outside of a home

It’s the job of the personal injury attorney to provide the slip and fall is due to a “dangerous condition” on the premise of the defendant. The dangerous condition must be proved that the owner of the property…

  • Created the condition

  • Knew the condition existed and failed to correct

  • Should have been aware of the condition given how long the condition existed 

What types of injuries do slip & fall injuries cause?

Given the range of causes for slip & fall accidents, many different injuries can occur from a slip & fall injury. 

Some common injuries include:

  • Cuts and bruises 

  • Broken bones

  • Traumatic brain injury 

  • Back injuries such as nerve or spine damage 

  • Knee ligament injuries 

  • Sprained wrists or ankles


Auto accidents 

Auto accidents are one of the most terrifying types of accidents given the stakes. Driving a car is the most dangerous activity the average person does on a day-to-day basis. Even if you are the safest driver in the world, when you’re hurling down a highway next to someone who’s texting while driving or scrolling through Instagram, anything can happen. 

The most common types of auto accidents are:

  • Distracted driving such as texting, eating, changing music, and surfing the web while driving

  • DUI related

  • Unsafe road conditions from anything from weather to traffic 

  • Malfunctioning vehicle 

  • Reckless and aggressive driving

Given the seriousness of auto accidents, you don't want to be left to foot the bill of a potentially long-term and expensive injury. For this reason, auto accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury law practiced. 

What types of injuries do auto accidents cause?

The worst part about auto-accidents is that emotional trauma can be worse than the actual accident. It is extremely scary being involved in an auto accident and some can have a hard time getting back into the rhythm of day-to-day driving again.

In addition to emotional trauma, other injuries include:

  • In the worst-case scenario, death

  • Serious spinal issues

  • Paralysis 

  • Whiplash

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement  

  • Broken bones, such as broken ribs 

  • Internal bleeding

  • Herniated disc

  • Shoulder, knee, and other serious bodily harm

  • PTSD

  • Guilt


Pedestrian accidents 

The most common pedestrian accidents involve cars hitting pedestrians. These accidents are usually caused by the same issues that auto accidents are caused by, just worse since pedestrians aren’t protected by modern technology such as airbags and other auto safety technology.

Common situations include when pedestrians:

  • Walk-in front of a seemingly parked car

  • Jaywalk

  • Are hit by a car turning or one that does not see them

These all lead to incredibly damaging situations where the person in the car do nor see the pedestrian until it’s too late. 

What types of injuries are caused by pedestrian accidents? 

  • Death 

  • Paralysis 

  • Spinal cord injuries 

  • Soft tissue injuries 

  • Broken and fractured bones

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Amputated limbs 

  • Emotional trauma

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